Discovering circulating proteomic cancer biomarkers
Delivering meaningful blood tests to detect cancer
Empowering physicians with impactful tools to improve cancer patient outcomes
Catching the onset of cancer early
Impacting patients’ treatment options and outcomes in cancer


Milagen is a private oncology diagnostic company

focused on the late-stage development and commercialization of easy-to-use, blood-based tests to address unmet clinical needs in cancer surveillance and eventually early-detection. We have discovered, validated and developed new easy-to-use tests to detect novel tumor protein biomarkers with real-world clinical utility.


Leveraging our high throughput technology 

First, Milagen generated antibody reagents and screened them against clinical samples (tissue, serum/plasma and urine) from cancer patients. Second, we selected novel proteomic cancer biomarkers based on differential expression versus its control, and we utilized large sets of clinical samples from cancer patients to validate the biomarkers. Based on our findings, we developed a portfolio of proprietary cancer biomarkers, with potential real-world clinical utility to monitor recurrence in cancer survivors.

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