Striving to Design Proprietary Blood Tests to Potentially Detect Across the Cancer Continuum

There is a critical need to add more tools to physicians and patients’ war chests to fight cancer. Milagen has developed blood tests for the early-detection and monitoring of major cancers. These blood tests could have major impact on early-detection and will improve health outcomes, profoundly impacting the quality of life for cancer survivors.

We are making the transition to commercialize our novel, proprietary antibody-based blood tests to detect circulating cancer proteomic biomarkers in a CLIA setting. We intend first to offer our tests for early cancer monitoring and recurrence while we are preparing for a major clinical study to support Milagen’s intended use for the early detection of major cancers.

Monitoring Recurrence. We intend to commercialize our blood tests to monitor cancer recurrence in cancer survivors, in a CLIA setting. 

Screening to Detect Early. We also intend to use our proprietary tests  to conduct a major clinical study to support the intended use of our tests for the early-detection of major cancers.

Milagen is licensed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH)-Food and Drug Branch as a Medical Device Manufacturing Company.

Milagen is registered with the Food and Drug Administration-Center for Devices and Radiological Health (FDA-CDRH) as a Medical Device Company.

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