Scientific and Business Advisors


Mr. David Ludvigson is a financial and operating executive and entrepreneur, with over 35 years of international experience in life sciences and technology companies including IDEC Pharmaceuticals, Matrix Pharmaceutical, Nanogen, and MIPS Computer Systems. He has over 20 years of Life Science experience including more than 15 years in the diagnostics arena and has led numerous new product efforts from concept to market launch. Mr. Ludvigson has concluded many successful strategic transactions including multiple acquisitions, corporate partnerships, technology and intellectual property licensing agreements, and OEM relationships and his financing experience includes venture capital, corporate, mezzanine, lease, bank credit line, LBO, IPO and secondary public sources. Mr. Ludvigson holds both a BA and MAS from the University of Illinois.


Dr. Olle Nilsson is a Swedish serial entrepreneur who has devoted more than 25 years to science and business, working on developing new products for cancer diagnosis and cancer management. Dr. O. Nilsson is currently the CEO of a consulting company that invests and helps start-up companies to reach their commercial stage. He was the Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Fujirebio Diagnostics AB. He played a major role in the company strategies and parnerships that led to substantial increase in revenues and in the commercialization of ovarian cancer products that were developed under his leadership and received FDA approval.

Throughout his career, Dr. O. Nilsson published more than 75 scientific peer reviewed scientific articles and he is the author of several patents with fundamental diagnostic clinical applications.

Dr. O. Nilsson was also the Founder of CanAg Diagnostics AB that was ultimately acquired by Fujirebio Inc. He was also the Co-founder of Got-A-Gene AB, among


Dr. O. Nilsson holds a Bachelor of Sciences from the University of Uppsala and a Doctoral Degree from the University of Göteborg.


Dr. Robert C. Doss is an exceptional High level Executive with over 25 years of leadership experience in the diagnostic inductry, products development and in the Global Diagnostics and related Health Care fields as whole. Dr. R.C. Doss spent 15 years at Abbott as Division Vice President of Diagnostics R&D. He led Abbott Global Diagnostics R&D of new Immunoassay and Clinical Chemistry Products. He has an exemplary record in delivering over 80 new products to market with a total sale of $3  billion revenue at Abbott Diagnostics. His areas of focus included Infectious Diseases, Blood screening for infectious diseases, Cardiovascular, Renal, Oncology, Metabolic and Endocrine diagnostics. His R&D responsibility included managing international R&D groups in Germany, Japan, and the UK. He excelled in creating a global network of external collaborations with Academic Health Centers and integrated these collaborations with the research and development of new innovative diagnostic tests. Reported directly to Division President. He represented Diagnostics R&D on Abbott’s Corporate Scientific Governing Board. At Abbott Park IL, Dr. R. Doss represented all of Abbott Diagnostics Global R&D and Manufacturing Operations Sites as the Division Quality Management Representative. In his position of VP at Abbott, he was involved and interacted with customers and Regulatory Agencies worldwide.
He held senior management positions in domestic and international R&D, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and Technical Product Support. Dr. Doss has proven experience in organizational assessment, organizational design, talent management and talent acquisition, and has earned a reputation as results-oriented, practical, analytical, innovative and collaborative.

Dr. R. Doss holds a Doctoral degree of Biochemistry from the University of Oklahoma State University.


Dr. Shesh N. Rai is part of the American Statistical Association, member of the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health and Director of the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Facility at the Brown Cancer Center. He is professor of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics at Louisville University.

He joined the University of Louisville in November 2007 as the Director of the Biostatistics Support Facility (BSF) at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center  and as an Associate Professor in the Department of Bioinformatics & Biostatistics, School of Public Health and Information Sciences. He was awarded the Wendell Cherry Chair in Clinical Trial Research in 2009 and promoted to a Professor o

f Bioinformatics and Biostatistics in 2010. In 2014, he was awarded the Fellowship of American Statistical Association for developing methods for clinical trial research and for outstanding collaboration with basic scientist and clinicians. The BSF was later renamed the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Facility (BBF).

As the Wendell Cherry Chair in Clinical Trial Research, he is directing the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Facility (BBF) in the Brown Cancer Center (BBF-BCC), increasing the number and quality of cancer clinical trials and research protocols. He created and directs the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Facilities (BBFs) for the Diabetes and Obesity Center (BBF-DOC) and American Heart Association-Tobacco Regulation and Addiction Center (BBF-TRC), the UofL Superfund (BBF-SF), the UofL Hepatobiology and Toxicolgy Center (BBF-HTC), the Microbiomics, Inflammation and Pathogenicity Center (BBF-MIP), the Center for Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy (BBF-CII) and the Center for Integrative Environmental Health Sciences Research (BBF-EIEHS). These NIH funded centers have brought >~$60 million to the University of Louisville. With his more than two decades of collaborative experience with basic scientists and clinical researchers, he has collaborated on ~45 funded grants and he is a co-investigator (Co-I) on ~25 NIH grants as of 2022.

Dr. Rai has also served on several committees, including ASA chapters, St. Jude Institutional Review Board, St. Jude Safety Board and Biostatistics Protocol Review Panel. He currently sits on Clinical Scientific Review, Data and Safety Monitoring Committees of the James Graham Brown

Cancer Center. He serves as a statistical reviewer for many national and international scientific journals, including editorial board member in five journals. As of 2022, he has written ~300 manuscripts dealing with pre-clinical data, longitudinal data involving prospective studies, prospective clinical trials, retrospective studies and survey studies. He has developed unique methods for cancer and control classifications and has patented methodology for ‘Liquid Biopsy’ in collaboration with Dr. Balaji Panchapakesan. The management of very active collaborations requires knowledge of many areas of statistics, including clinical trials, survival analysis, mixed effects (hierarchical) models, sample survey, bioinformatics, and quantitative risk assessment. He has published refereed manuscripts in each of these areas. He has mentored 10 PhD students with specialization in Bioinformatics (5) and Biostatistics (5) and is currently supervising 3 PhD students. His students have gone on to lead successful careers and are currently employed in a variety of academic and industry settings.


Dr. Philippe Goix is a serial entrepreneur who led several companies from their inception to commercial stages. He founded and led five healthcare companies and has over 20 years of experience in leadership and commercializing innovative products.
He launched proprietary life sciences, diagnostics products and healthcare personalized services in both the US and Europe. He led two VC backed companies in the Bay Area over a span of 18 years and raised more than $95Million of equity through multiple rounds of financing.

Dr. Philippe Goix holds a bachelor’s degree in sciences, a Ph.D. In engineering and an MBA.











Carol McNeil is Chairman and Strategic Director of McNeil Capital, which invests in a wide range of real estate, venture capital, and biotech interests. She is also a member of the Policy Advisory Board at the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Additionally, she endowed a joint chair between the Hoover Institution and the Economics Department at Stanford University, a first-ever creative association. She is also on the Overseers Board at the Hoover Institution. Mrs. McNeil, a San Francisco Bay Area native was appointed to the Presidio Trust Board of Directors in 2019.


Matthew Rettig, MD is a Professor of Medicine and Urology, and Director of the Prostate Cancer Program at the Institute of Urologic Oncology David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and the Chief of the Division of Hematology-Oncology, VA Greater Los Angeles – West Los Angeles.

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